Affiliate Introduction & Overview.

This is an overview of the New Affiliate tips and training for the Bart Baggett Affiliate programs.

You should have received your user name and login in an email (which linked to this specific site.)

Referral Partner Center

You can also learn how to redirect a prospect to a specific product page instead of the default page which is our ‘catalog page.’  In all marketing, sending traffic to a specific page after you have given a real “endorsement” increases conversions by as much at 500%… so send them to a specific product, if you can.


To earn commissions by referring your traffic to our default catalog page, go to the Referral Partner Center and look at the commission programs tab. This tab opens up and gives an entire list of the products and programs available. (Note: you must be logged into your infusionsoft account to view this page.)


Also, only use the link that infusionsoft  generates for you. This is the only way we have of knowing who receives commissions for any sales.


By sending people to the above URL, our system knows that it is

YOU who referred them, and you will earn commissions for sales made

to that person.


**** It is your responsibility to test the system *******


We always recommend testing the system using your own credit card.

We have a product that is only  $1 USD.  I would encourage you to set up a test page using this product and insure your commissions are being paid correctly on each sale.

This is not your affiliate link, but just to confirm, this is the correct $1 test product: $1 Test Booklet


Remember that our company has two separate affiliate programs that sell different products.  Here is a summary of the differences:


1.  Handwriting University  Shipped To Your Door Products

All products that must be printed, copied, manufactured or

shipped.  This includes MOST of the products on the, website.

These include: The Grapho-Deck, Handwriting University’s online membership programs, Bart Baggett’s printed books, Change Your Signature books, the Handwriting University Certification Level Home Study Course and all the products on both catalog pages:  (shippable products)

A commission of 25% is paid on products which must be shipped and manufactured.  (online access products)

A commission of 35% – 50%  is paid on products which are 100% online access.




2.  Book Selling Secrets Marketing Products.  This program

is totally separate from Handwriting University products because it has little to do with handwriting analysis.  It is a line of books, special reports, videos, and home study courses for authors, speakers, and experts to improve their marketing and business.

We also  pay higher commissions (35% – 50%) because most of the products offered in this program are not printed and shipped to your door.   They include programs on these sites:


I hope this email makes the opportunities very clear.   You have three simple steps.


1.  Make sure your links are coded correctly and sending traffic to the

right product page.


2.   Design your site with strong testimonials and reasons whey they

should buy.


3. Send lots of traffic to us.


4.  Cash your monthly affiliate check.


Thanks a million!



Steve Davis

Affiliate Program Director.






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