Bart Baggett’s Empresse Publishing

Publishing Information & Training That Makes a Difference

Empresse Publishing publishes books by Bart Baggett and through Handwriting University International, among others.

For products relating to personal transformation, NLP, handwriting analysis, self-publishing, marketing, and earning more money as a professional speaker, this is the correct website you are looking for.  For all the Bart Baggett’s self-improvement product’s you can visit any of his many websites or call our USA based headquarters for support.

You can also get group and personal consultation and training if you join the Authorized Mentors program. This gets you access to two live “marketing mastermind” webinars per month directly with BART

Including books and courses such as:

  • Unstoppable Confidence
  • Fearless Living – Overcome Fear of Rejection & Shyness
  • Rapid Goal Achievement
  • Facebook  Marketing For Authors
  • Success Secrets of the Rich & Happy
  • 7 Step Self-Publishing Formula online training course
  • Handwriting Analysis 101
  • Handwriting Analysis Certification Course

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